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Law Offices of Lynn Chao

 Founded in 2005

Our Clients Come First

Law Offices of Lynn Chao

Our Vision

We are a prestigious firm practicing mainly in the Chinese community. Our philosophy has been and will always be, "Our Clients Come First". The American adversarial legal system is complicated enough without a cold uncaring attorney as your confidant and counselor. Our firm believes all clients are human beings and deserve the personal attention of our attorneys. We handle all cases personally, and regularly and promptly update clients on the status of their case.


Our general practice encompasses everything form the simplest car accident case to multi-million dollar corporate litigation. We combine the expertise of a huge law firm with the personal attention of a personal attorney. When you hire our firm, you are not buying a service; you are gaining a peace of mind, which is why all of our clients become life long clients.

Lynn Chao



Lynn Chao is a member of California Bar Association, America Bar Association, America Trial Lawyer Association, America Immigration Lawyer Association, and a licensed attorney in P.R. China.


Lynn Chao has a legal practice based in greater Los Angeles, in the State of California. She is an attorney with more than two decades of experience in business and corporate affairs in both the United States of America and P. R. China. She has represented clients ranging in size from sole proprietorships to multi-national corporations. She is one of fifty attorneys who has been selected as an international trade attorney in P.R. China by the Judicial Department of China. Since her arrival in the United States in 1992, she has been actively participating in various international and locally community events and organizations. She is the board director of the Chinese CEO Association, a nobility organization in the Chinese business community.


Some of her services, in addition to the general practice of the law corporation, includes:

  • Providing legal advice to the representatives, officials, and companies from the P.R. China in assisting them to make laws and regulations.

  • Formation in P.R. China and the United States of America.

  • Providing representation to Asian immigrants unfamiliar with American judicial systems and the English language.

Our Attorneys

Lynn Chao

The Glory of a Good Lawyer

Is to Win a Bad Trial.

( Balzac)

Our Purpose

To provide impeccable legal services to our client. To advise, counsel, and guide our clients at their time of need. To zealously represent our clients to the best of our ability.

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